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IITS Automation Control4

NATURAL INTERACTIONS While the Control4 App is a perfect way to control the house while you’re away or in the backyard, it’s not always the most natural mode of control inside of the home. We put the power of home control where it makes sense; the handheld remote while watching TV, on a lighting keypad for when you’re running out the door or turning in for bed, a touch screen while you’re cooking so you can see who is at the door and let them in, or even by voice as you enter with your hands full.


SMART AUTOMATION It’s a common misconception that in order to have a smart home, you must get in during the building phase. We’ve debunked that myth. Whether your home or business is yet to be built, in the construction process, or has been standing for years, IITS and Control4 solutions  have the power to make it the smartest one on the block. And size is of no importance; you can smarten up a small flat or a sprawling estate. Our products are built to scale. This means you can start with a universal remote for all of your entertainment equipment and then add a few smart lights or door locks (or anything else) as you’re ready to expand.



Brighten or dim any light in the room—or the entire house—with a single touch. Or allow lighting to respond to your life, without any touch at all. Smart lighting provides convenience, energy efficiency, and added security. And it’s smart enough to handle more than just the lights. A simple tap can lock the doors, ramp up the temperature, and start a movie—all at once. It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant.

Control4 coordinates the technology in your house into complete, brilliant experiences—interactions that are easy for you and your family to enjoy. With one touch—or even by voice!—dim the lights, stream high-resolution music, turn up the hear, lock the doors and arm the security system. Even check in and manage your home while you’re on the go.

Everything is better when it works together.

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